Plan in Decades, Think in Years, Work in Months, Live in Days


No financial advisor can accurately predict market behavior, global events, or a client’s personal health – that’s why our focus is helping clients prepare for various scenarios while making informed decisions along the way.  Our focus is not on beating the market, but rather levering the robust resources we have at hand to guide you every step of the way. 

Supported by Stifel’s resources, our philosophy is based on creating a broad array of opportunities for our clients – whether that involves investing in sophisticated or simple ways, expanding their enterprises, creating a retirement income strategy, pursuing lending capabilities, and more. 

Everything we do is customized to a client’s needs. “Cookie-cutter” is not in our vocabulary.


Three Ps

While relationships with clients tend to be casual and authentic, our approach is highly disciplined. We begin with what we call the “Three Ps”


●      Preferences is how we establish guidelines on how we will stay in touch in person, by phone, or using other technology.  We meet clients according to these preferences – whether that is at a restaurant, their home or office, or through Zoom or WebEx.

●       Planning is a critical step where we identify and prioritize our clients’ goals at the outset and continue to refine and make adjustments over the course of our relationship.

●       Portfolios are developed hand-in-hand with our clients.  Taking a long-term approach, we seek to employ a straightforward, operationally efficient investment program.  We like to incorporate risk management and tax-advantaged investment strategies that are designed to build client wealth and mitigate the effects of external influences.


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